Friends Finally Together

Since Friday I have followed Shimelle Laine’s challenge weekend on her blog, besides preparing for birthdaycelebration. Waldemar was four years yesterday! But late night yesterday I started scrapping. Take a look here, the challenges are open until next Sunday! Shimelle is my greatest inspiration as I followed her when Scrapbook Inspiration came out. I was kind of carried away by this challenge since I was so inspirated by the craftpaper part of it. I forgot to read the rest of the challenge. Anyway, IT WAS GREAT FUN TO MAKE! I just love this photo taken this May of My sweethart and his very good friend Bjørn. They rearly see each other since living AND working on each side of the world, but here they are together! Our children has become best friends too, and these two men are now in the middle of a three generation friendship, starting with their fathers back in the seventies.

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