I {LOVE} Spaghetti Vongole

Mi piace spaghetti vongole, vino rosso, espresso, limoncello. You get vongole on Thursdays in Rome. That is when seafood available. Once, in 1997 I studied art history in Rome for five weeks. In a Trastevere restaurant I met this norwegian woman. She asked me for advice on the food. When I was finished talking about vongole she said she was working in marketing. She said: «If I had a vacant position, I would offer it to you now at this very moment». About an hour later she had started to loving vongole too!

This I made for the Studio Calico Sunday sketch due 13. of June.

A meal for only my husband and I. May 2010. Before attending the Eurovision final song contest in Oslo. His first vongole. And guess who started to love it! Now, I must find out how to make it!

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